Caydie McCumber Photography
Adventure Lifestyle, Fashion, and Portrait photographer in the San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA.

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Caydie McCumber Photography
Desert road trip
Next best thing to actually surfing….shooting a babe in a surfboard for Carve Designs. :)
Today’s Youth
What. A. Babe. 
"Life can so easily be spent searching. The relentless feeling that you don’t belong, that the place you’ve been is never as good as the place you’re going, but you get there and feel the sting of dissatisfaction. You harbor anger towards those who know you too well, and beg attention from those who keep their distance. Wasting precious time on petty feelings like jealousy, regret, and envy. Always hoping for a milestone passed just to feel like you’re on a path. Really, you’re just lost in the vastness of indifference."
Alice Waters shot for Paper Magazine by Caydie McCumber
A recent shot for Title Nine.